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The 88th Texas Legislature began its session on Monday, January 10, 2023.  

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PlotBox and Inglewood Park Cemetery Announce Partnership Milestone

May 9, 2023 -- Inglewood Park Cemetery in Inglewood, CA, recently announced a significant milestone in its partnership with PlotBox, the mission-critical software solution for deathcare operators.  This collaboration allows Inglewood to integrate and leverage the full suite of PlotBox resources across its enterprise and importantly, solidifies a sustainable future for the operations of this prestigious cemetery. 

Since partnering with PlotBox, Inglewood Park Cemetery has embarked on a remarkable digital transformation journey, investing time and resources to maximize and unlock the value of the PlotBox software and services it offers. This includes significant conversion of their historic data, a detailed audit of their inventory, and a streamlining of their processes across the business. 

“PlotBox’s mapping process provided a forensic audit of our cemetery’s space portfolio and discovered inventory we didn’t realize we had.  This discovery alone more than paid for PlotBox several times over,” commented Rick Miller, CEO of Inglewood.  “We look forward to the PlotBox software improving our data security and assisting us in operating to world-class standards in cemetery and crematory management.”

Founded in 1905, Inglewood Park Cemetery has performed more interments than any other individual cemetery in Southern California.  A number of notable individuals, including personalities from the field of entertainment, politics, and sports, have been interred or entombed there.  In so many ways, Inglewood Park Cemetery is the Soul of the City of Angels, set in the very heart of the city.

"Partnering with a prestigious cemetery like Inglewood is an exciting chapter for our business,” said PlotBox President and CEO Sean McAllister.  “As a pioneer of preneed sales, it’s gratifying that Inglewood has realized the power of software and mapping integration and embraced the PlotBox platform. Whilst organizations can achieve value from PlotBox on a much smaller scale, the vision for excellence that Rick Miller has for Inglewood Park Cemetery is exemplary, as is his team’s commitment to the transformation.”  

This strategic relationship will provide further opportunities for collaboration between the two companies.  As one component of the partnership, Inglewood Park Cemetery will have a firm contribution to the PlotBox roadmap and shared vision for the future of technology and innovation in the death care industry.

“Switching to PlotBox has transformed our workflows and processes across the business and I’m proud of how my team has adopted the new and improved way of working. PlotBox has the expertise to support our needs and the proven ability to innovate and expand, making them the perfect partner for Inglewood,” Miller added. “The partnership represents an important step forward in our vision of preserving the quality and heritage of Inglewood Park Cemetery far into the future.  We look forward to working with the team at PlotBox to unlock the added value from all the PlotBox modules.

About PlotBox:  PlotBox is a cloud-based death care management solution that facilitates cemeteries, funeral homes, and crematories in operating to world-class standards. It is unique and significantly superior because, unlike all other providers in the space, it is the world’s first death care software solution to fully integrate two previously separate functions – software and mapping. Headquartered in Northern Ireland, with offices in the United States and Australia, the growing team of more than 80 professionals across all locations gives PlotBox the capability to provide the same professional levels of service and satisfaction across the globe.



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Disclaimer: In an effort to provide you with the most recent data, we link this site to several different websites. Many of the changes put into law by the 87th Legislative session will be available and effective September 1, 2021.



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